Mopping Up the Beer Hall

•February 11, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Just watch this:


I’m sick to my stomach. My heartburn’s kicked up. My head is aching. I’ve been chainsmoking. I’ve walked away from this computer a dozen times since I watched that video, and none of it has helped; I’m spitting nails.

My kids are coming over in less than an hour, so I need to purge myself of this bile somehow.

What is wrong with you fucking people? What godawful thing happened in your youth to do this to you? What could possess anybody to stand in front of a room full of people and blatantly criticize the U.N. for even mentioning violence against homosexuals? What is wrong with that room full of people, that nobody- nobody– says a goddamn thing? How can anybody listen to this and not throw garbage?

And what is wrong with Google, that they should help pay for this? Really?

I’m bone-tired. I don’t care that they’re just a corporation looking to maximize its profile. Please don’t educate me on this; I guarantee you I don’t require it.

Sorry folks- not an auspicious first post. Not very poetic. Andrew Sullivan’s got nothing to worry about.

Alright. If the angry’s not gone, at least the pressure’s gone down a bit. We’ll try this later.


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